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Gunslinger Shootout2022 M.O.B Tour


Simon Says ’Yes!’ to the 480 & Under Challenge

Simon says ‘Yes!’ To the 480 & Under Challenge! 44 players gathered to play in the 2022 M.O.B. Productions 480 & Under Handicapped 9-Ball Tournament held at Putters Eastern in…

Sandbagger vs Misunderstanding of Ratings?

“He’s a Sandbagger!”  The Common Misunderstanding of Player Ratings: A player wins a 567 & Under non-handicapped tournament going undefeated.  He plays to the best of his ability and it…

3 Letters to Explain the 2022 Moby Dick? – WOW!

The 2022 Moby Dick $1,000 Entry 567 & Under 10-Ball Shootout started off Saturday split between the two best action pool bars in Las Vegas, Rum Runner and Putters Eastern,…

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