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September 2022

Simon Says ’Yes!’ to the 480 & Under Challenge

Simon says ‘Yes!’ To the 480 & Under Challenge!

44 players gathered to play in the 2022 M.O.B. Productions 480 & Under Handicapped 9-Ball Tournament held at Putters Eastern in Las Vegas. Largest field yet, and Simon Lee stood tall at the end. 

In its third year, and growing year over year, the M.O.B. 480 & Under Handicapped 9-Ball Tournament is designed to bring out more players from league play and to show them the thrill of real tournament competition. With real money on the line, $2,620 to an ‘all-in’ winner not counting the player auction, it gave everyone a real test. 

While Simon Lee fought through to win undefeated, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. He had two hill hill matches with Frank Curcio, including a great final match, after a thrilling hill hill win over Don Dellosa. Don made an amazingly thin cut on the case 9-ball and everyone cheered his win, including Simon, until they realized the cue hadn’t stopped rolling until it died, falling in the side pocket. A brutal loss and a narrow victory for Simon, but he held tough and got the job done. 

Frank Curcio played an amazing tournament with his only two losses being hill hill to the eventual champion. After starting with a fantastic comeback hill hill over Esteban Barrera, Frank had easier wins over John Poulson (4-2), Justin Rogers (4-1) and Jessie Colima (4-2) before meeting Simon for the first time. On the loser’s Frank battled back vs Stace Dieckman and Eman Cabo before facing a strong Crystal Tom in the semifinal match. While Crystal played a superb tournament, only losing to Simon in the match for the hotseat, Frank played strong and advanced to the finals. In the finals both players started tentatively but Simon found his gear pulling even at hill hill with Frank. Staying focused he was able to take the case game and take the title!

Thank you to all who came out to play and support the event. Thank you to Putters Eastern: Derek Lorcher, Robin, Lilly & Sue for the great service and what you do for pool in Las Vegas. 

Here are the payouts:


1: $1,040 Simon Lee

2: $650 Frank Curcio 

3: $450 Crystal Tom

4: $300 Eman Cabo

5/6: $200 Stace Dieckman/Jeremy Deterding 

7/8: $140 Tim Harris/William Pendergrass 

9/12: $100 Joel McCallister/Esteban Barrera/Marshal DeMoss/Jessie Coloma

$20 Sidepot 

1: $300 Simon Lee

2: $200 Frank Curcio 

3: $100 Eman Cabo

$40 Sidepot 

1: $560 Frank Curcio

2: $340 Eman Cabo

3: $220 Stace Dieckman/Jeremy Deterding

$30 WTA Sidepot 

1: $720 Simon Lee

Player Auction 

1: $780

2: $520

3: $390

4: $260

5/6: $195

7/8: $130

Here is the link to the Bracket: