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Canales is 480 & Under Champ!

We had 37 players come to the Rum Runner Lounge in Las Vegas this past weekend for the 2023 M.O.B. 480 & Under Handicapped 9-Ball Championship and great matches ensued. We had exciting hill hill thrillers, 5-0 blowouts and some firsts.

Julian Johnson and John Schwartze had great tournaments finishing in 7th place. Congratulations to Adam “Scott Scott” Scott for going undefeated into day two. Adam finished tied for 5th, along with William Crawford, in his best personal finish and first time cashing in a calcutta. Well played “Scott Scott”! Ruairi Byrne continued his strong play following up his Puddle Jumper win with a good 4th place finish. Frank Curcio had played strong throughout the tournament finishing 3rd and only losing to the champion and runner up.

Jessie Coloma won matches 5-2 vs Tony Wong, 5-3 vs Dustin Day, then losing to Frank Curcio who he got his revenge on in the loser’s bracket. Jessie continued his strong play beating Esteban Barrera 5-1John Schwartze 5-2, Adam Scott 5-1, Ruairi Byrne 5-2, Frank Curcio 5-4 to get to the finals against Stefan Canales.

Stefan Canales was on a mission! He beat Tim Harris 5-1, Diane Meisner 5-1, Blaine Simpson 5-2, Adam Scott 5-1and Frank Curcio 5-3 to advance to the hotseat match. In the true double elimination finals Jessie came on FIRE winning the first set vs Stefan 5-0. the final set was a true battle. They exchanged games back and forth until it went hill, hill with Stefan coming out on top to take home the crown!

Thank you to Geno Hill and the whole Rum Runner Lounge staff for hosting us. One of the best pool bars around!

Here are the payouts:


1st Place: $1,040 Stefan Canales

2nd Place: $650 Jessie Coloma

3rd Place: $450 Frank Curcio

4th Place: $300 Ruairi Byrne

5/6th Place: $180 Adam Scott & William Crawford

7/8th Place: $120 John Schwartze & Julian Johnson

$20 Sidepot:

1st Place: $260 Stefan Canales

2nd Place: $190

3rd Place: $130

4th Place: $60

$40 Sidepot:

1st Place: $440

2nd Place: $300

3rd Place: $200

4th Place: $100

$30 WTA Sidepot:

1st Place: Stefan Canales

Online Player Auction:

1st Place: $831

2nd Place: $547

3rd Place: $372

4th Place: $219

5/6th Place: $110


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