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Figueroa Fights Off Lulek to Take Down the 2023 Gunslinger

Champion, Rogin Figueroa

32 high caliber players converged on Griff’s Bar & Billiards in Las Vegas for the 2023 Gunslinger $1,000 Entry 699 & Under 10-Ball Championship. Some came to play, some came to compete, and some came to win. Only one did all of that.

Deo Alpajora and Gerardo Jamito, both of California, had great tournaments finishing well in 7th place. Tim Tonjum of Minnesota and Daniel Herring of Texas 9who lost his first match) both impressed finishing in 5th place. Caleb Schumacher of North Dakota had a great run through the winner’s side, going undefeated Saturday only losing to the eventual runner-up and finishing in 4th place. Nitin Sharma of Onterio, Canada, made it all the way to the hotseat match and finished very strong in 3rd place.

Chris Lulek of Arizona is well known in the area as a strong player that many call “Lulu” has earned a new nickname in this tournament: “The Grinder”. Lulek started off with two hill hill matches against Kurt Kobayashi of Hawaii and Lance Schofield of Texas, followed by a 9-7 win over a game Kelson Juan of Hawaii. Chris lost a tough match to the eventual winner 6-9 to move to the loser’s side. There he was on a mission, beating Tim Tonjum 7-3, Caleb Schumacher 7-5 and Nitin Sharma 7-4 to advance to a rematch in the one race finals to 13 against Rogin Figueroa of California.

Figueroa played amazing pool in advancing to the finals beating Jerry Lazzareschi of California 9-2, Charles Jacques also of California 9-4, Jerry Arvelaez 9-4, “The Grinder” 9-6 and Nitin Sharma 9-4 to advance to the finals. Facing a hard charging Lulek, Figueroa got off to a hot start getting up 9-3 in a race to 13. Then he missed a ball giving Lulek a chance and he ran with it winning that game and the next 3 games to close the lead to 9-7 Figueroa. Figueroa righted the ship and took the next game before losing again to make the score 10-8. Figueroa played well, as did Lulek but Figueroa prevailed 13-8 to take home the title.

It was a weekend of amazing pool at Griff’s Bar & Billiards. We also want to tip our cap to Ross Fregoso for hanging in there to win the $500 Winner Take All Bank Ring Game with a thrilling 3-railer to clinch it. Well done by all.

Thank you to Griff’s and their amazing staff for hosting our Gunslinger which has become an annual tradition.

Here are the payouts, which we always post in our private group on Facebook:


1st Place: $11,000 Rogin Figueroa

2nd Place: $6,500 Chris “The Grinder” Lulek

3rd Place: $4,300 Nitin Sharma

4th Place: $2,540 Caleb Schumacher

5/6th Place: $1,850 Tim Tonjum & Daniel Herring

7/8th Place: $1,500 Deo Alpajora & Gerardo Jamito

$100 Sidepot:

1st Place: $1,150 Rogin

2nd Place: $700 Chris

3rd Place: $450

$300 Sidepot:

1st Place: $3,150 Rogin

2nd Place: $1,900 Chris

3rd Place: $1,250

$200 WTA Sidepot:

1st Place: $3,200

Online Player Auction:

1st: $3,625

2nd: $2,285

3rd: $1,622

4th: $954

5/6th: $477

Here is the link to the online bracket


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