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Gerry Coronel Stands Tall in the Super 8 Series: 475 & Under

Champion: Gerry Coronel

30 Player met at the Rum Runner Lounge in Las Vegas for the Super 8 Series: 475 & Under 8-Ball Tournament and Gerry Coronel was the last player standing!

So many tight matches, great shots and comebacks. This tournament had it all!

Jeffrey Myers and Terri Johnson-McCaulley had great showings with a strong top 7 finish. Charles Brown and Adam “Glass Cutter” Scott went undefeated on Saturday with some spectacular play. Sunday was more difficult for both of them, but they finished well with a top 5 showing. Mike Baisdon won 5 consecutive matches on the loser’s side finishing in 4th place after falling to a surging Patrick Yacoub.

Patric Yacoub had a terrific tournament going undefeated until losing to Stefan Canales in the match for the hotseat. He played very well in the semifinal match until a costly tap of the cue ball while hill-hill with Gerry Coronel cost him a shot at the title. Stefan Canales was on a mission, storming through the winner’s bracket and taking the hotseat with a 5-1 win over Yacoub. In the finals though he ran into a red-hot Coronel and finished a more than respectable runner up.

Gerry Coronel won his first match then fell in the second match to Patrick Yacoub 1-5. He took that loss with confidence and came storming back through the loser’s side winning 4-1 over Robert Fresquez, 4-2 over Alex Varona, 4-2 over Crystal Whitehead, hill-hill over Terri Johnson-McCauley, 4-0 over Charles Brown, 4-2 over Mike Baisdon, hill-hill over Patrick Yacoub to reach the finals with 7 consecutive wins. in the finals, a single race to 7, Gerry kept playing strong and Stefan never really got many opportunities. Gerry capitalized with a 7-2 win. Well played, Gerry!

We would like to thank Geno Hill and the entire Rum Runner staff for being such a great host for this event. They do so much to support pool in Las Vegas. Thank you!

Here are the payouts: 1st Place: $800 Gerry Coronel, 2nd Place: $490 Stefan Canales, 3rd Place: $350 Patrick Yacoub, 4th Place: $240 Mike Baisdon, 5th Place: $160 Adam “Glass Cutter” Scott & Charles Brown, 7th Place: $100 Terri Johnson-McCauley & Jeffrey Myers

$20 Sidepot: 1st Place: $220 Gerry Coronel, 2nd Place: $100 Stefan Canales, 3rd Place: $60 Patrick Yacoub

$50 Sidepot: 1st Place: $550 Gerry Coronel, 2nd Place: $250 Stefan Canales, 3rd Place: $150 Patrick Yacoub

$30 Winner Take All Sidepot: 1st Place: $480 Gerry Coronel

Online Player Auction: 1st: $719, 2nd: $473, 3rd: $322, 4th: $190, 5th: $95 each

Here is the link to the bracket:


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