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Montoya Hunts Down the Moby Dick

56 players came to Las Vegas for the 2024 Moby Dick $1,000 Entry 564 & Under 10-Ball Championship held at the Rum Runner and Putters Eastern. We had some amazing matches, some awesome shots and in the end there was one standing tall and taking home a whale-load of cash!

Atish Prasad of Sacramento, CA had a long run on the loser’s side to finish tied for 7th with a strong Savvy Nayak of Washington. Hats off to Raymond Mercado for his heart and determination he showed after losing his first match and grinding his way to a 5th place finish tied with Brian Ip of Canada.

Derek Reppenhagen of Las Vegas represented his hometown with pride. He started of great winning 9-6 over Rob Dayton of Canada and winning 9-2 over Laramie Keplin of North Dakota before falling in an exciting hill-hill battle with the eventual runner-up. Vegas is proud, Derek!

Logan Miller had a great run through the winners side winning 9-7 over a game Petar Michinov of Washington, 9-5 over Ben Young of Iowa, 9-4 over Savvy Nayak of Washington, 9-7 over Sam Montoya Jr before falling in an exciting hotseat match 7-9 to Paul Felty of Washington. Logan ran into a man on a mission in losing 1-7 to have a terrific third place finish.

Paul Felty was not going to be stopped on his way to the hotseat winning 9-4 over Todd Ganie of Canada, 9-6 over Derek “The Scorcher” Lorcher of Las Vegas, 9-8 over Derek Reppenhagen, 9-6 over Cass Hornberger of Canada, 9-8 over Brian Ip of Canada (Canada was well represented) and beating Logan to wait for his challenger in the finals.

The man of the weekend was Sam Montoya Jr of Colorado. Sam stormed out of the gates winning 9-3 over Paul Ewing of CA, 9-1 over Vern Felt of AK, 9-3 over Bill Hazuga of WI and 9-3 over Sabrina Peterson of AK before falling 7-9 to Logan Miller where he started his voyage on the loser’s side. There he won 7-3 over Raymond Mercado of CA and then survived a hill-hill thriller with Derek Repenhagen. Then he played a near flawless set winning 7-1 over Logan Miller.

Advancing to the finals to face Paul Felty in a single race to 13 where the winner was going home with over $30,000! They both had battled all weekend and it was around 11;00PM when they started and the fatigue showed a bit with both players. However, they both showed true grit and heart battling back and forth with some excellent defense and some spectacular shot making. Towards the end, Sam mustered the energy to close out the match out winning 13-8. Congratulations Sam!

M.O.B. Productions would like to give a huge thank you to Derek Lorcher and his staff at Putters as well as Geno Hill and John Miles and all of the employees at the Rum Runner for hosting this event that was the origin for M.O.B. Productions. Thank you!

Here are the payouts:


1st Place: $13,650 Sam Montoya

2nd Place: $8,500 Paul Felty

3rd Place: $6,000 Logan Miller

4th Place: $4,250 Derek Reppenhagen

5/6th Place: $3,000 Raymond Mercado & Brian Ip

7/8th Place: $2,000 Atish Prasad & Savvy Nayak

9/12th Place: $1,500 Sabrina Peterson, Hugo Villanueva, Cass Hornberger & William Tau

13/16th Place: $1,200 Ryan Terrell, John Moceika, Marc Gonzalez & Todd Ganie

$100 Sidepot (48 Players)

1st: $2,400 Sam Montoya

2nd: $1,200 Paul Felty

3rd: $800 Logan Miller

4th: $400 Derek Reppenhagen

$300 Sidepot (40 Players):

1st: $5,700 Sam Montoya

2nd: $3,300 Paul Felty

3rd: $1,800 Logan Miller

4th: $1,200 Derek Reppenhagen

$200 WTA Sidepot (43 Players)

1st: $8,600 Sam Montoya

Online Player Auction:

1st: $4,213

2nd: $2,648

3rd: $1,625

4th: $903

5/6th: $602

7/8th: $361

9/12th: $181

Click Here to see the Online Bracket

Have fun. Play pool. M.O.B. on!


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