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April 2024

The RoadRunner Runs Down the Bandit!

Savannah Easton Wins the Inaugural Bandit $1,000 Entry 650 & Under 9 Foot 10-Ball Championship at Griff’s Billiards in Las Vegas

40 Players converged in Las Vegas at Griff’s Billiards for the inaugural Bandit $1,000 Entry 650 & Under 9′ 10-Ball Championship and a 14-year-old young lady took everyone’s breath away!

We had players from Florida, Texas, Canada, Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona and, of course Nevada come out to do battle. Paul Tytler (CAN), Alex Morin (NV), Mike Hamman (AZ) and Jerry Johnson all had solid tournaments finishing tied for 9th place. Rakesh Bunga of California and Edgar Jackson ground through to a strong 7th place finish. Tara Williams of Texas and Oliver Tabares of California both survived all but fell to hill-hill battles finishing in a tie for 5th place.

Bill Skinner of Colorado had a great run besting Allan Wang (CAN) 9-7, Vica Iuli (CA) 9-6, Jason Pader (NV) 9-5 and Alex Morin (NV) 9-6 before taking his first loss to Jorge Bermudez (TX) 6-9. On the one-loss side, Bill took his first match vs Oliver Tabares 7-6 before falling in 4th place to Mike Deitchman of Oregon 3-7.

Michael Deitchman (aka Mike D) of Oregon had a magnificent tournament. He won his first match vs Jamison Daniels (FL) 9-5 then lost his next match to Mike Hamman 4-9 to move to the one-loss side. There he went on a tear! First he faced Brett Agler (FL) and won 7-4, then Avinash Pandey (CA) 7-3, Alex Morin 7-5, Edgar Jackson 7-3, survived a hill-hill thriller with Tara Williams and then bested Bill Skinner 7-3 before falling to the RoadRunner herself, Savannah Easton 7-4…

Jorge Bermudez of Texas played amazing pool all tournament long. Winning against Julian “Jewels” Astudillo (UT) 9-5, Bo Belonia (WA) 9-6, Paul Tytler 9-6, Bill Skinner 9-6 (see a trend?) and then met Savannah Easton in the hotseat match and won… you guessed it, 9-6 to advance to the final single race to 13.

Savannah Easton showed poise, skill and knowledge way beyond her 14 years and displayed a taste of what her future can hold. Her first match was against Rakesh Bunga, one of the top in the auction, and won 9-4. Then faced Jesse Johnson of Washington/Idaho area and won 9-1. Sunday morning came with Oliver Tabares and she won 9-6 to face a strong Tara Williams and won 9-5 to advance for the match for the hotseat vs Jorge Bermudez where she found her first and only loss 6-9. First up on the one-loss side was Mike D and she wowed all in that match (one game she made two, two-rail kicks – one of which was a stunning two-rail kick bank cross-side… yeah…) and advanced 7-4 for a rematch with Jorge.

In the finals, Jorge got off to what looked like a great start, then had to bank the 9-ball cross side. He got perfect shape on the 10-ball but the 9-ball caught the corner of the side pocket and ran the rail down to the corner pocket leaving Savannah straight in on the 10. That was all the RoadRunner needed. She took command of the match. Hats off to Jorge as even when she was playing amazing and things were not looking good for him he was there, in it and never gave up. But Savannah prevailed with a dominating win 13-5. Well played Savannah!

We would like to thank Griff’s Billiards for being an amazing host for the first year of the Bandit and this will become an annual tradition. We would also like to thank all 40 of the players for coming out and supporting this great event. Thank you!

Here are the payouts:


  1. $11,300 Savannah Easton
  2. $7,500 Jorge Bermudez
  3. $5,000 Michael Deitchman
  4. $3,000 Bill Skinner
  5. $1,800 Tara Williams
  6. $1,800 Oliver Tabares
  7. $1,400 Rakesh Bunga
  8. $1,400 Edgar Jackson
  9. $1,200 Mike Hamman
  10. $1,200 Jerry Johnson
  11. $1,200 Alex Morin
  12. $1,200 Paul Tytler

$100 Sidepot:

  1. $1,500 Savannah Easton
  2. $1,000 Jorge Bermudez
  3. $500 Michael Deitchman
  4. $300 Bill Skinner

$300 Sidepot

  1. $4,500 Savannah Easton
  2. $2,400 Michael Deitchman
  3. $1,500 Bill Skinner
  4. $800 Tara Williams/Oliver Tabares

$200 WTA Sidepot

  1. $5,200 Beep Beep – Savannah Easton

Online Player Auction:

  1. $4,292
  2. $2,824
  3. $1,920
  4. $1,130
  5. $565
  6. $565

Here is the link to the bracket to see how all of the matches played out: The Bandit $1,000 Entry 650 & Under 9′ 10-Ball Championship at Griff’s in Las Vegas (

Champion – Savannah “The RoadRunner” Easton