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$3,000 Added M.O.B. Hit List 9-Ball Shootout – Las Vegas

$3,000 Added M.O.B. Hit List 9-Ball Shootout by Salotto

October 8-9th, 2022 at Griff’s Billiards in Las Vegas, NV

ALL players who play and submit at least ten matches through the M.O.B. Hit List by Salotto are eligible to play in the $3,000 Added M.O.B. Hit List 9-Ball Shootout at Griff’s Billiards in Las Vegas, NV October 8-9th, 2022.

Tournament Format:

The M.O.B. Hit List Shootout will be a Tiered Bracket with players being split into up to four brackets, in order of their FargoRatings. With four brackets, roughly the top 25% of players would be in Bracket A, followed by roughly the next 25% in Bracket B, the third 25% would be in Bracket C and the low 25% of players would be in Bracket D.

The preliminary brackets are double elimination with the top 25% finishers advancing to a final tiered single elimination bracket. This GUARANTEES one player from each bracket no worst than Top-3 cash in the tournament.

Entry fee is $150 (includes $20 GF/TD fee) plus optional $30 & $60 sidepots as well as a $40 winner take all sidepot. For those unfamiliar with sidepots, they are essentially a tournament within a tournament paying out to only those that got into that specific sidepot. This is a way to compete for much more money for those who want the action!

All matches in all brackets will be handicapped per player’s FargoRating according to two race charts. Brackets A & B will use M.O.B. 6-6 Race Chart. Brackets C & D will use M.O.B. 5-5 Race Chart. The finals will all use the M.O.B. 6-6 Race Chart. Paying all who make the final single elimination bracket (top 25%)!


Tournament will be played using the BCAPL Rules of Play with the exception of no 3-Foul Rule. Rack your own, alternate break, rack the one-ball on the spot and the 2-ball in the back. 9-Ball on the break in the bottom two pockets gets spotted and player breaking continues playing as it lies. Plastic Diamond triangle racks will be used. No template racks. NO HEADPHONES. Played on 7′ Diamond tables.

Tournament will be run on and posted for all to view. We will do our best to keep live scoring updates as we can. There will also be a free live stream provided through M.O.B. Productions YouTube channel (Subscribe)!

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