Play Pool. Have Fun. M.O.B. on!

About Us

Jack Murray:  I fell in love with the game of pool while I was a freshman at Northern Arizona University (the school farthest away from South Dakota that would accept me).  Tempted into playing by my roommate, I found myself in the Student Union at all hours of the day with the spine broken on Ray Martin’s “99 Critical Shots in Pool”.  I moved to Tucson, AZ in ‘97 and in late 1999 I started running my first tournaments.  I caught the bug!  I love the game.  But, my real passion is in growing the game.

I moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2017 with CueSports International as the National Director of the USA Pool League, an exploding new league format. That was growing exponentially until the Pandemic hit.  Meanwhile, I had been running tournaments locally the whole time.

In the Fall of 2020 my partner, Jason Osborn, came to me to discuss running a high dollar entry 580 & Under 10-Ball bar table tournament called the Moby Dick.  We started running qualifiers and it was really catching on.  That tournament filled up with a waiting list in no time.  While we were just two guys putting on a tournament, the brains of the operation, Rebecca Hendrix, suggested we form a business and came up with the name M.O.B. Productions (Murray-Osborn Billiards) and, as they say, the rest is history.  2021 exploded for us as we paid out over $200,000 in prize money, not counting player auctions.

Moving forward, we are excited about the future of pool in Las Vegas as well as in America.  While we are currently down in the recent record for the Mosconi Cup, there are a lot of great young talents across the country.  We want to do our part to make American pool as strong as ever.

Play pool.  Have fun.  M.O.B. on!