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M.O.B. Hit List by Salotto

Welcome to the M.O.B. Hit List by Salotto!

Join the only nationwide, well, really worldwide player-list competition! Play what you want, where you want and who you want to play! Download the Salotto player app, the M.O.B. Hit List by Salotto banner at the top of the page and join the M.O.B. Hit List by Salotto program. Then just Create a Match, and play on! Make the game and invite your friend… or adversary to play. Submit the matches to FargoRate and start collecting points, Win or Lose! The more matches you play, the more points you collect and you work your way higher and higher on your Hit List! Top 3 finishers on each Hit List win cold hard cash. PLUS, get eligible for the $3,000 Added M.O.B. Hit List Shootout by Salotto in Las Vegas!

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399 & Under Hit List

PositionPlayer NamePoints
1Su-Bei Yin119
2Jonathan Phillips74
3Reno Provine54
4James Wallace35
5Cassidy Phillips26

400 – 499 Hit List

PositionPlayer NamePoints
1Daniel Alvarez48
2Kamilah Morton30
3Bryan Champagne26
4Rob Valim20
5Cory Buchanan17

500 – 599 Hit List

PositionPlayer NamePoints
1Logan Simmons83
2Jack Murray49
3Rj Lao36
4Derek Reppenhagen26
5Cory Wheeler25

600 – 699 Hit List

PositionPlayer NamePoints
1Chad Holsing30
1Mike Page30
3Jason Pader29
4Josh Kondo20
5Jeff G.13