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2022 “Bitch Please!” OPEN 9-Ball Tournament

Saturday -
10:00 AM
2022 "Bitch Please!" Open 9-Ball Tournament
MOB Event

May 7th at Griff's Billiards in Las Vegas, It Is Back! The 2022 "Bitch Please!" Open 9-Ball Tournament.

  • For all of those players who complain about handicaps...  Bitch Please!  For all those complaining about skill level caps... Bitch Please!  Whining about no 3-foul rule?  Bitch Please!  This tournament is for you!
  • Open to ALL skill levels. Race to 7 on both sides with the finals as a single race to 11. No Handicaps. Played on 7' Diamond tables.  Aramith, Duramith balls with blue measle ball
  • BCAPL rules.  3-Foul rule IN effect.  Winner break.  Rack your own (no 9 in bottom 2 pockets).  No template racks.  Plastic Diamond triangle racks used.  Double elimination.  Jump cues are allowed.
  • $90 Entry (includes $10 GF/TD fee) if paid by Friday, May 6th at 8:00 PM.  $100 Entry if paid day of the event.  Optional $20 & $40 sidepots and a $30 WTA sidepot.
  • Max Field of first 64 paid players 64 players. To reserve your spot send your $90 Entry to Jason Osborn via PayPal or Zelle to Or, for cash payments, reach out to Jack Murray or Rebecca Hendrix - 520-404-5533.
  • Play starts at 10:00 AM, doors open at 9:00 AM.
  • Any complaints, please refer to the name of the tournament....
  • Play pool. Have fun. M.O.B. on!
Player List:
  1. Jimmy De Sousa
  2. Constantin Alexander
  3. Liem Nguyen
  4. Chris Lulek
  5. Tommy Baker
  6. Vilmos Foldes
  7. Todd Speakman
  8. Alex Morin
  9. Joseph Crugnale
  10. Von Adobo
  11. Ronnie Wiseman
  12. Ian Costello
  13. Erica Testa - NH