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2022 Lipstick & Lashes 9-Ball Shootout

Saturday -
10:00 AM
2022 Lipstick & Lashes 9-Ball Shootout
MOB Event

Announcing the Lipstick and Lashes 9-Ball Tournament in Las Vegas at Griff’s BilliardsJuly 9-10th.

Ladies Only! $90 Entry includes a $10 greens fee/TD fee. Optional $20 & $40 sidepots along with a $30 WTA sidepot. Handicapped using the M.O.B. Pool Tour Race Chart (see flyer for chart).
Double elimination. Alternate break, rack your own, rack 1 on spot and 2 in the back. No 9 on break in bottom two pockets. BCAPL Rules of play with no 3-foul rule.
There is no minimum robustness requirement for this tournament. Any unestablished players rating are subject to review as well as subject to adjustment before and during the event. Adjustments are at the TDs discretion.
Field limited to the first 64 paid entries. To reserve your spot please send your $90 entry via PayPal or Zelle to or, for cash payments, reach out to Jack Murray and Rebecca Hendrix - 520-404-5533.
Entries must be paid by noon, Pacific Time, Tuesday July 5th as the online player auction begins at 1:00 PM. Once auction begins, player’s entry fees are non-refundable.
Player List:
  1. Gina Worthy
  2. Mayu Makino
  3. Bonnie Rollins
  4. Candie Rosenberger
  5. Maria Krick
  6. Marlene Macdonald
  7. Lauren Ward
  8. Yvette Ocequeda
  9. Virginia Daugherty
  10. Ma Loures Deterala
  11. Ashley Caudill
  12. Crystal Tom
  13. Joy Hutcheson
  14. Vicki Carter
  15. Laila Landers
  16. Selina Lugtu
  17. Vicki Carter
  18. Dina DeSousa
  19. Amber Campbell
  20. Kelly Pendelton
  21. Savannah Easton
  22. Danielle Roberts
  23. Bao Nguyen