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2022 Puddle Jumper $300 Entry 458 & Under 9-Ball Shootout

Saturday -
10:00 AM
2022 Puddle Jumper $300 Entry 458 & Under 9-Ball Shootout
MOB Event

2022 Puddle Jumper - Las Vegas

FULL FIELD - Taking Waitlist Reservations

The 2022 Puddle Jumper $300 Entry 458 & Under 9-Ball Shootout is April 30th & May 1st (if needed) at Putters Eastern in Las Vegas, NV.

$300 Entry fee (includes $20 GF/TD fee) plus optional $50 & $150 sidepots as well as a $100 WTA sidepot. To lock up your spot pay your $100 NONREFUNDABLE Deposit via PayPal or Zelle to or for cash payments see Jack Murray or Rebecca Hendrix - 520-404-5533.
Field is capped at first paid 32 entries.
Race to 7 on winners and race to 5 on losers with a single finals race to 9. Alternate break, rack your own with 2 in back, no 9 in bottom two pockets on break, no 3-foul rule and no headphones.

Player Eligibility:

Players must be rated at or below 458 at the time of announcement (December 2, 2021) as well as when they register. Players must also have a minimum robustness of 350+ games to be eligible to register. Once an eligible player has reserved their spot. They then have a 10-point cushion, should their rating travel above the skill cap of 458. Should their rating go to 469 or higher, their deposit will be refunded and they will no longer be eligible.
TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS wishing to hold qualifiers: reach out to Jack Murray at 520-404-5533 or email at
All qualifier flyers and advertisements must include the following: When a player wins a qualifier, they won a paid entry into a tournament. This is not an equitable asset. Should they elect not to play or be deemed ineligible for any reason, they would get the entry fee they paid for the qualifier refunded and the paid entry is offered to the next highest finisher who is eligible at the cost of the refunded entry fee.
Player List:
1. Jason Stellmach
2. Gregg F. Woodall II
3. Justin Rogers
4. Zach Hook
5. Alicia De Leon
6. Alissa Alvarez
7. Jennifer Cayot
8. Reno Provine
9. Brent Hubbard
10. Jacky Halper
11. Jessica Salinas
12. Walter DeGroat
13. Buford Henshaw
14. Mike Moyer
15. Tim Reed - DR Qualifier
16. Kaylen Chavez - Qualifier DW
17. Robert Johnson
18. Felix Chavez
19. Danielle Roberts
20. Robert Campbell, AK
21. Tony Barnes
22. Mike Moyer
23. Bill Pickens
24. Peyton Fulkerson
25. Stephen Campbell
26. Michael Bennett - AZ
27. Phoebe Simon
28. Doug Hare
29. Travis Gibson
30. Marlene Macdonald
31. Bryan Champagne
32. Crystal Tom
33. Scott Bower
34. Ryan Williams
35. Mike Havens
36. Ruairi Byrne
37. Jeremiah Johnson
38. Cher Bulanadi