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2023 Gunslinger $1,000 Entry 699 & Under 10-Ball One-Shot Shootout

Saturday -
10:00 AM
2023 Gunslinger $1,000 Entry 699 & Under 10-Ball Single Elimination Shootout
MOB Event

2023 Gunslinger $1,000 Entry 699 & Under 10-Ball Double Elimination Shootout at Griff's in Las Vegas

Save the date! The 2023 Gunslinger $1,000 Entry 10-Ball Shootout is June 24-25th at Griff’s in Las Vegas, NV. Open to players rated 699 & lower with 500+ game robustness. Field this year will be capped at the first 32 paid entries.
$1,000 Entry fee (includes $30 GF/TD fee) plus optional $100 & $300 sidepots that will pay multiple places depending on participation as well as a $200 winner take all sidepot.  To reserve your spot, send in a $200 NONREFUNDABLE deposit via PayPal or Zelle to For cash payment see Jack Murray or Rebecca Hendrix - 520-404-5533.  Sidepots can be at the event as long as players have at least given a verbal commitment as to which sidepots the wish to enter.
Entry fee balance MUST be paid in full by Tuesday, June 20th, by noon as our online player auction starts at 1:00PM


Played on 9’ Diamond tables.  BCAPL Rules of Play.  3-Foul Rule is in effect.  Winner break, rack your own and M.O.B. AccuRacks will be provided.  Rack the 1 on the spot, 10 in the middle and the 2 & 3 on the corners. Winner's Side races to 9, Loser's Side races to 7. Finals is a single race to 13.
Entry fees must be paid in full by noon Pacific Time, Tuesday June 20th for players with paid deposits for reserved spots as our Online Player Auction starts that day at 1:00 PM


Players must be rated 699 or lower as of today (01/27/2023) as well as when they register. They must have 500+ game robustness to register. Once a player registers, they then have a 10-point cushion if they go over the 699 cap. If they go up to 710 or higher, their deposit is refunded and they are no longer eligible. All players are locked in as eligible once the online player auction starts.  All players must have the Sharing feature turned on in the Settings in their FargoRate app.

Want to Run a Qualifier?

TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS: if you are interested in running a qualifier for the 2023 Gunslinger, contact Jack Murray at 520-404-5533 or email at All qualifier flyers and promotions must have the following verbiage: “When a player wins a qualifier for the Gunslinger they are winning a paid spot in a tournament. This is not an equitable asset. It can’t be sold or bartered. If for any reason that player cannot play in the main event or becomes ineligible to play, they will be refunded the cost of the entry fee for the qualifier and the spot in the main event will be offered to the next highest eligible finisher of that qualifier at the cost of the refunded entry fee”.

The Reload:

For those players not making the cash, we will also have the Reload Tournament on Sunday.  $200 Entry.  $50 & $100 Sidepots.  Race to 7.  Single elimination.  Same rule of play as the main event.


Thank you to our M.O.B. sponsors in 2023.  They are adding money for even bigger payouts for our players!  Please visit them and show your appreciation for how they are helping grow pool!

Player List:

  1. Renel John Pira
  2. Lance Schofield
  3. Ross Fregoso
  4. Nino DeGuzman - Qualifier - Constantin
  5. Gary Onomura
  6. Savannah Easton
  7. Chris Lulek - Qual TD
  8. Rogin Figuero
  9. Deo Alpajora
  10. James Cabal
  11. Tim Tonjum
  12. Charles Jacques
  13. Thomas Haas
  14. Scott Haas
  15. Jamie Pluta
  16. Shane Holmquist
  17. Reyes Gomez
  18. Kurt Kobayashi
  19. Jerry Arvelaez
  20. Frankie Ruiz
  21. Tony Piazza
  22. Francisco Salas
  23. Caleb Schumacher
  24. Kelsom Juan
  25. Cass Burns
  26. Jerry Lazzareschi
  27. Daniel Herring
  28. Ryan McCreesh
  29. Gerardo Jamito
  30. Rishu Singh
  31. Nitin Sharma
  32. Donivan Predoncelli



WTA $500 Bank Ring Game

  1. Caleb Schumacher
  2. Chris Lulek
  3. Ross Fregoso
  4. Frankie Ruiz
  5. Donivan Pedroncelli
  6. Kurt Kobayashi