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2024 Gilligan $500 Entry 496 & Under 9-Ball Championship in Las Vegas

Saturday -
9:00 AM
2024 Gilligan $500 Entry 496 & Under 9-Ball Championship in Las Vegas
MOB Event

2024 Gilligan $500 Entry 496 & Under 9-Ball Championship in Las Vegas at Rum Runner and Putters Eastern

We are excited for the 2024 Gilligan 9-Ball Championship.  The skill cap has been drawn and it is a 496 & Under.  $500 Entry includes a $30 GF/TD fee.  Optional $100 & $200 sidepots will pay multiple places based on participation and there is also a $150 winner take all sidepot.  Field will be capped at the first 64 entries secured with a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.

Rules of Play:

We use BCAPL Rules of Play, also known as CueSports International Rules of play.  Played on 7’ Diamond tables.  We do not use the 3-Foul Rule.  No headphones allowed during matches.  Race to 9 on winner's side and race to 7 on loser's with a single race to 13 in the finals.  Winner break, rack your own, 1-ball on the spot, 2-ball racked in back and the 9-ball does not count in the bottom two pockets on break.  M.O.B. AccuRacks will be provided.  They are available for sale as well:  $15 for one.  A pair for $25.  Add $5 for shipping. Contact Jack Murray for orders by texting at 520-404-5533

Lock Up Your Spot!

The field is capped at the first 64 paid entries.  To reserve your spot pay a $100 NONREFUNDABLE deposit.  Payments can be made via PayPal or Zelle to Jason Osborn at or can be paid in cash to Rebecca Hendrix - 520-404-5533.  For players reserving a spot, the balance must be paid in full before Tuesday, August 20th at NOON Pacific Time as the online player auction starts at 1:00 PM.  Entry fees are NONREFUNDABLE once the online player auction starts.

Eligibility Requirements:

Players must have been rated at or below 496 on the date of announcement (2/21/2024) as well as at the time they register.  Players must have a minimum robustness of 500+ games to be able to register.  Once a player registers at or below the 496-skill cap, they have a 10-point cushion in the event that their rating exceeds the 496-skill cap after they had registered.  If their rating goes to or above 507 their entry fee will be refunded, and they will no longer be eligible.

All players will be required to turn on the "Sharing" feature in the settings of their FargoRate app to show publicly all of their data.  All ratings are locked in once the online player auction starts Tuesday, August 20th at 1:00 PM PST.

Interested in Running a Qualifier?

If you are interested in running a qualifier for the 2023 Gilligan, reach out to Jack Murray at 520-404-5533 (texting is best) or email at

All promotional material for qualifiers must have the following language:

"When a player wins a qualifier to get a paid spot in the Main Event, it is NOT an equitable asset.  If, for any reason, that player cannot attend or becomes ineligible, they will be refunded the entry fee for the qualifier that they paid and the spot will be offered to the next highest finishing, eligible player in that qualifier for the price of the refunded entry fee."

Thank you to our 2024 M.O.B. Productions Sponsors:

Thank you to our M.O.B. sponsors in 2024.  They are adding money for even bigger payouts for our players!  Please visit them and show your appreciation for how they are helping grow pool!

Player List: (In the process of updating - please be patient)

  1. M.O.B. Qualifier - TD is Derek Reppenhagen at Good Timez
  2. M.O.B. Qualifier - TD is Derek Reppenhagen at Good Timez
  3. M.O.B. Qualifier
  4. M.O.B. Qualifier
  5. M.O.B. Qualifier
  6. M.O.B. Qualifier
  7. M.O.B. Qualifier - Aaron Rogers
  8. M.O.B. Qualifier - David Ringler
  9. M.O.B. Qualifier - David Ringler
  10. M.O.B. Qualifier - David Salyer
  11. Charlie Gentile
  12. Ruairi Byrne
  13. Tony Wong
  14. Lawrence Thompson
  15. Tracie Hamman
  16. Colton Milligan
  17. Walter DeGroat
  18. Meadow Klingler
  19. Tara O'Leary
  20. Scott Bower
  21. Derek Hart
  22. Rachelle Dytko
  23. Edward Csulfield
  24. Doug Grant
  25. William Norris
  26. Bill Paolella
  27. Brian DeLuca
  28. Marshall Demos
  29. Joe Klimchak
  30. Willie Wong
  31. Danny Murphy
  32. Eric Torres
  33. Chris Felix
  34. Chase Aiken
  35. Rob Shipman
  36. Aaron Sullivan
  37. Jesse Coloma
  38. Ruben Flores
  39. Luke Johnson
  40. Joe Salazar
  41. Dustin Liberty
  42. Brian Laskowski
  43. Gerry Coronel
  44. Elijah Rice
  45. Dara Chhay
  46. Jeirid Pickens
  47. Cleveland Baylor
  48. Edward DeJesus
  49. Enrique Soriano
  50. Richard Espinosa
  51. Mike Sels
  52. William McClane
  53. Gary Thompson
  54. Mike Wolfe
  55. Mason Gajeton
  56. Don Swayne
  57. Edward Sharrod
  58. Fraser Almeida
  59. Keith Tappe
  60. John Schwartze
  61. Robert Salinas
  62. Crystal Kephart
  63. Patrick Wolverton
  64. Zach Franzi



  1. Jared Redfern
  2. Gregg Woodall
  3. Ramil Oregas
  4. Adrian Ferguson
  5. Arnold Rodriguez