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2024 Moby Dick $1,000 Entry 564 & Under 10-Ball Championship

Saturday -
10:00 AM
2024 Moby Dick $1,000 Entry 564 & Under 10-Ball Championship
MOB Event

2024 Moby Dick $1,000 Entry 564 & Under 10-Ball Bar Box Championship

February 3-4th at Putters Eastern & Rum Runner in Las Vegas it’s the Moby Dick $1,000 Entry 564 & Under 10-Ball Championship held in Las Vegas. Along with the $1,000 entry (includes a $50 GF/TD fee) there are optional sidepots of $100 & $300 plus a winner take all (WTA) sidepot of $200. There will also be an online player auction starting Tuesday January 30th at 1:00 PM Pacific Time.

Field capped at 64 players. To reserve a spot, pay a $200 NONREFUNDABLE deposit that will go towards the balance of your entry fee. You can pay Jason Osborn via PayPal (MUST be Friends & Family) or Zelle at or, for cash payments, reach out to Jack Murray or Rebecca Hendrix at 520-404-5533.

Rules of Play

BCAPL Rules (CSI Rules of Play) will be used with the key difference is that a called early 10-ball counts as a win.  3-Foul rule is in effect.  Races to 9 on winners and 7 on losers with a single race finals to 13.  Winner break and rack your own.  M.O.B. AccuRacks will be provided and are the only template rack allowed.  Players may elect to use the triangle rack provided with the tables if they wish.  Jump cues are allowed.

$15 each or two for $25. Add $5 for shipping.

Played on 7' Diamond tables which currently have Cyclop Ladon balls.  Bracket will be split between the Rum Runner (1801 E Tropicana Ave) and Putters Eastern (5025 S Eastern Ave) which are right around the corner from each other.  We will minimize the number of players who have to switch bars but players need to be able to travel (15 minute walk or 2.5 minute drive).

Play will start at 10:00 AM Saturday with tables opening at 9:30 AM for practice.  Both bars are open 24 hours and Rum Runner has great breakfast menu!  Sunday play will start at 11:00 AM.

We will have two streams Saturday with commentary at the Rum Runner Location.  Sunday we will be at Rum Runner only.  Please go to our YouTube channel and Subscribe so you will be notified when the streams come live.  We will also use a digital bracket with live scoring.


To be eligible you must have been rated a 564 or lower on the date of announcement (8/9/2023) as well as when you register by sending in your deposit. You also must have a minimum robustness of 500+ games to register. Once an eligible player registers there is a 10-point cushion if their rating naturally goes over the cap.  Their rating can go up to 574 and they will still be eligible.  If it goes to 575 or higher their deposit will be refunded and they will no longer be eligible to play.

Thank you to our M.O.B. Productions Sponsors:

Thank you to our M.O.B. sponsors.  They are adding money for even bigger payouts for our players!  Please visit them and show your appreciation for how they are helping grow pool!

Player List:

  1. Qualifier - MOB
  2. Qualifier - MOB
  3. Qualifier - BBB
  4. Qualifier - Derek Reppenhagen
  5. Qualifier - Derek Reppenhagen
  6. Chuck Lyle -Qualifier - Aaron Rogers
  7. Qualifier - Hard Times
  8. Qualifier - David Ringler
  9. Qualifier - Mike McPhilomy
  10. Qualifier - Mike McPhilomy
  11. Derek Lorcher
  12. Aaron Rogers
  13. Garrett Hogue
  14. Sean Martinez
  15.  Christopher Baginski
  16.  Marc Gonzalez
  17.  Brian Wagner
  18.  Ryan Terrell
  19. Petar Michinov
  20. Ernie Omori
  21. Scott Dzurik
  22. Paul McCaffery
  23. Sabrina Peterson
  24. Vern Felt
  25. Mark Wright
  26. Carl Stewart
  27. Tim Cole
  28. Arnel Nopal
  29. Chase LaFerney
  30. Bill Hazuga
  31. Ryan Buist
  32. Joe Nistler
  33. Ronald Vandiver
  34. John Moceika
  35. Samuel Montoya Jr
  36. Kenny Lescano
  37. David Slayer
  38. Richard Carbon
  39. John Casey, WA
  40. Rishabh Kumar
  41. Kirk Domines
  42. Paul Felty