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$3,000 Added M.O.B. Hit List 9-Ball Shootout

Saturday -
10:00 AM
$3,000 Added M.O.B. Hit List 9-Ball Shootout
MOB Event

$3,000 Added M.O.B. Hit List 9-Ball Shootout - Sponsored by Salotto

Registrations are open for the $3,000 Added M.O.B. Hit List 9-Ball Shootout at Griff's Billiards in Las Vegas.  Players who have played 10+ matches and submitted them through the M.O.B. Hit List by Salotto. Players have through September 30th to get their matches submitted.

Tournament Format:

The tournament consists of 4 preliminary double elimination brackets that will roughly hold 25% of the field separated by FargoRate.  This means in the preliminary stage you will be playing players closer to your own skill level which reduces the number of max races, as these matches are still handicapped using the race charts on the flyer and below.  The top 25% of each bracket advance to a Final Single Elimination Bracket that is also tiered.  This guarantees one player from each preliminary bracket no worse than 3rd place in the cash!

How to Register:

Entry fee is $150 (includes $20 GF/TD fee) plus optional side pots of $30 & $60 which will pay multiple places based on participation as well as a $40 winner take all sidepot.  To register, send your $150 entry fee to Jason Osborn via PayPal or Zelle at  For cash payments, reach out to Rebecca Hendrix or Jack Murray at 520-404-5533.

Deadline to register is Thursday, October 6th at midnight Pacific Time.


Not part of the M.O.B. Hit List yet?

Check it out here  There is still time for you to join and get eligible!


Registered Player List:

  1. Reed Merschat
  2. Colby Frontiero
  3. Bryan Champagne
  4. Steve Ernst
  5. Robert Reyes
  6. Simon Lee
  7. Cher Bulanadi
  8. Brandon Brown
  9. Brittany Sisco
  10. Chris Seawood
  11. Savannah Easton
  12. Justin Koetter
  13. Su-Bei Yin
  14. Dave Steele
  15. Josh Kondo
  16. Reno Provine
  17. Bill Paolella