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BOSS Tour Stop #1 – 10-Ball at the Cue Club

Saturday -
10:00 AM
BOSS Tour Stop #1 - 10-Ball at Cue Club

BOSS Tour Stop #1 - 10-Ball at the Cue Club

Our first stop of the BOSS Tour brings us to the Cue Club to play 10-Ball on 9’ Tables.  The BOSS Tour is open to all skill levels.  It is a race to 7 on the winner’s side and a race to 5 on the loser’s side and a single Final race to 9.

$80 Entry fee ($11 GF/TD/Admin fee plus $2 towards the Finale Fund) if paid by the Friday before the stop at 8 PM.  $90 on-site entry fee.  Optional sidepots of $20 & $40 plus a $30 winner take all sidepot and a $30 550 & Under sidepot.

To play you must either purchase a BOSS Tour Card for $25, which gets you access to all 8 tour stops, or, you can choose to pay the single stop tour fee of $10.  Half of the tour card and single stop tour fees go to the Finale Fund for the added money to the BOSS Tour Finale. Note: If you are also a M.O.B. Tour Card Holder, the total for both tour cards is only $40 but the added money to each finale remains the same.

Play starts at 10:00 AM.  Tables open at 9:30 AM.

Players MUST play in at least 3 BOSS Tour Stops to be eligible for the BOSS Tour Finale which is scheduled for November 12-13th at Griff’s Billiards in Las Vegas, NV.

Bring your game!  See who is BOSS!

Play pool. Have fun. M.O.B. on!

Player List

  1. Samantha Shaw
  2. Nino de Guzman
  3. Jack Murray
  4. Chris Ouimette
  5. Bill Paolella
  6. Josh Kondo
  7. Mike Hutcheson
  8. Lee Harvey