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Desperado $1,500 Entry 730 & Under 10- Ball Championship at Griff’s Billiards in Las Vegas

Saturday -
10:00 AM
Desperado $1,500 Entry 730 & Under 10- Ball Championship at Griff's Billiards in Las Vegas
MOB Event

Desperado $1,500 Entry 730 & Under 10- Ball Championship at Griff's Billiards in Las Vegas

The Desperado $1,500 Entry 730 & Under 10-Ball Championship held at Griff's Bar & Billiards on 9’ Diamond tables December 16th & 17th. Optional $200 & $400 sidepots along with a $300 winner take all sidepot.  Race to 11 on the Winner's Side and race to 9 on Loser's Side.  Finals a single race to 15.  Field limited to the first 16 players to pay their $200 nonrefundable deposit. To register, send you deposit to Jason Osborn via Zelle or PayPal (MUST be Friends & Family) at

Rules of Play:

CSI Rules of Play, early called 10-ball is a win. Cue ball fouls only.  3-Foul rule in effect. No headphones or earplugs allowed. Lag for first break and winner break from there. We will provide M.O.B. Productions AccuRacks and they will be the only template rack used. Players may choose to use the triangle racks provided with Griff's tables.  Rack 2 & 3 on corners.
We will live stream with commentary free through our M.O.B. Productions YouTube Channel.  Please go to our YouTube channel and Subscribe so you will be notified when the streams come live.  We will also use a digital bracket with live scoring.

Payouts Based on a Full Field on 16 Players:

  1. $11,200
  2. $6,000
  3. $3,750
  4. $2,250



Players must be rated at or below 730 on the date of announcement (July 27, 2023) as well as at the time of registration. Once registered prayers have a 10-point cushion if their rating goes over 730. If it goes up to or over 741 their deposit will be refunded and they will no longer be eligible.

Thank you to our M.O.B. Productions Sponsors:

Thank you to our M.O.B. sponsors.  They are adding money for even bigger payouts for our players!  Please visit them and show your appreciation for how they are helping grow pool!

Player List:

  1. Ruben Silva
  2. Mark Vidal Claramunt
  3. Savannah Easton
  4. James Cabal
  5. Ricky Evans
  6. Bhates Reyes
  7. Jeff Whitehead
  8. Jeremy Long
  9. Ian Costello
  10. Brian Parks
  11. Josh Kondo
  12. Victor Cucuzza