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M.O.B. 550 & Under Handicapped 9-Ball Tournament

Saturday -
10:00 AM
M.O.B. 550 & Under Handicapped 9-Ball Tournament
MOB Event

M.O.B. 550 & Under Handicapped 9-Ball Tournament June 18-19th at Putters Eastern & Rum Runner, Las Vegas

It's here!  M.O.B. Productions  presents the M.O.B. 550 & Under Handicapped 9-Ball Tournament! Open to players rated 550 or lower (see Player Eligibility).  Handicapped via the M.O.B. 5-5 Race Chart (see flyer) and played on 7’ Diamond tables.  $90 Entry fee includes a $10 GF/TD fee.  Plus optional side pots of $20 & $40 and a winner take all $30 sidepot.

Field is capped at the first paid 64 entries.  To reserve your spot you pay your $90 entry fee via PayPal or Zelle to Jason Osborn at or, for cash payments, reach out to Jack Murray or Rebecca Hendrix - 520-404-5533 (text is best).

All entry fees must be paid in full by noon Pacific Time on Tuesday, June 14th as the online player auction starts at 1:00 PM. All payments for the online player auction must be made electronically via PayPal, Zell, Venmo, Cash App or others.  All payouts will be made electronically by the end of the next business day.

Draw will be done on Friday, June 17th at 8:00 PM.  Players must at least give a verbal commitment as to which sidepots they wish to enter before the draw is done.  Players must pay sidepots before their first match starts Saturday.

Play BCAPL Rules with the exception of no 3-foul rule.  Double elimination, alternate break, rack your own, no template racks, no headphones.  Rack the one on the spot, 2 in the back and no 9 on break in bottom 20 pockets.

Player Eligibility

To be eligible, you must be rated 550 or lower when you pay your entry fee to register.

There is no minimum robustness for this tournament.  Players with fewer than 200 games are welcome pending rating review by the tournament director.  Unestablished players register knowing that the tournament director reserves the right to adjust their rating before the tournament or even during the tournament if deemed necessary by the tournament director.

Tournament Director has final say on all player ratings.

Player List:

  1. Derek Reppenhagen
  2. Justin Rogers
  3. Darren Domingo
  4. Kenny Lescano
  5. Ryan DeBerg
  6. Mark Miller
  7. Adrian Reyes
  8. Jean Francois  Chavanel
  9. Chris Erickson
  10. Enrique Soriano
  11. Jimmy Sweeney
  12. Carlos Baston
  13. Adrian Vasquez
  14. Robert Azevedo
  15. Carl Stewart
  16. Christopher Seawood
  17. Eric Tietz
  18. Henry Guardado
  19. Vicki Carter
  20. Christopher Baginski
  21. Pedro Flores
  22. Frank Curcio
  23. Edward Demesa
  24. Justin Koetter
  25. Chris Ouimette
  26. Aaron Laktzian
  27. Paul Gauthier
  28. John May
  29. Mike Havens