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M.O.B. Tour Stop #1 – April 16th – 8-Ball on 7′ Tables at Griffs

Saturday -
10:00 AM
M.O.B. Tour Stop #1 - 8-Ball at Griff's
MOB Tour

2022 M.O.B. Tour Stop #1 is 8-Ball on 7' tables at Griff's.

Play is open to all skill levels and the tournament will use a tiered bracket system.  Players all sign up and they will placed in up to four tiered brackets according to their FargoRating.  The top 25% will advance to a Single Elimination Tiered bracket to play out to the finals.  All matches are handicapped using one of two race charts depending on which bracket you are in.

There is no robustness minimum for the tour stops. Player’s ratings with less than 200 games are subject to Tournament Director review. Players with no games in FargoRate will be assigned a Starter a rating from the TD and this will be reviewed throughout the event.

$60 entry fee (includes $11 GF/TD/Admin fee plus $2 towards tour finale) as long as entry is paid by the Friday before the event at 8:00 PM.  Entries paid onsite are $70.  Optional sidepots of $20 & $40 plus a WTA sidepot of $30. Also there will be a 499 & Under $30 sidepot.

To be eligible, players must buy a M.O.B. Tour membership card for $25 which gets you eligible for ALL tour events. Players not wanting to buy a membership card can pay a $10 tour fee to play a single tournament. 50% of all tour cards and tour fees goes towards the prize fund of the tour finale. To be eligible for the tour finale, players must play in a minimum of 3 tour stops. Keep your M.O.B. Tour membership card and turn it in at the finale for a members only package drawing!

Players who are also buying a BOSS Tour Card will only pay a total of $40 for both and the money added to each finale is still $12.50 per card.

To reserve your spot, pay your entry and tour membership to Jason Osborn via PayPal at or make a cash payment prior by reaching out to Jack Murray or Rebecca Hendrix - 520-404-5533.  NO REGISTRATIONS TAKEN AFTER 9:45 AM SATURDAY. Sidepots must be paid by 9:45AM Saturday as well.

Play starts at 10:00AM sharp. Tables open for practice at 9:30AM.

Rules of play are the CueSports International Rules of Play (commonly referred to as the BCA pool league rules). No 3-foul rule, alternate break, rack your own and no 9 in the bottom two pockets on break.

See full rule book here:


Player List:

  1. Arnel Nopal
  2. AJ Graden
  3. Lino Garcia
  4. Jaime Noriega
  5. Dave Steele
  6. Scott Mahan
  7. Tony Rapone
  8. Samantha Shaw
  9. Chris Ouimette
  10. Frank Curcio
  11. Robert Azevedo
  12. Keri Ingram
  13. Brenda Burt
  14. Eric Tietz
  15. Marlene Macdonald
  16. Robert Reyes
  17. Joe Klimchak
  18. Jonny Siriphong
  19. Joe Cannella
  20. Cody Thomas
  21. Oliver Gonzalez
  22. Scott Bowers
  23. Adrian Vasquez
  24. Constantin Alexander
  25. Sam Cordova
  26. Dan Coffman
  27. Bob Cauley
  28. Daniel Krupinski
  29. Zeke De Rose Jr
  30. Gary Andrews
  31. Joseph Crugnale
  32. Steve Bergan
  33. Chris Herrera (550)