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2024 M.O.B. Tour Stop #3 – 10-Ball at the Cue Club July 6th

Saturday -
10:00 AM
2024 M.O.B. Tour Stop #3 - 10-Ball at the Cue Club
MOB Tour

M.O.B. Tour Stop #3 - 10-Ball at the Cue Club

Stop #3 of the 2024 M.O.B. Tour is 10-Ball on 7' Diamond tables at the Cue Club in Las Vegas.  To play in a M.O.B. Tour Stop players can either buy a 2024 M.O.B. Tour Card for $25, which gets them eligible for all 8 stops, or they can pay the single stop tour fee of $10 (50% of Tour Card/Fees goes towards the added money for the finale of that bracket).

Entry fee is $60 if paid by the Friday before the Tour Stop by 8:00 PM.  Entries paid onsite are $70.  Entries include a $11 greens fee/TD fee as well as $2 towards the Tour Finale Fund.  Each bracket has their own Finale Fund.  Optional sidepots of $20 & $40 that will pay multiple spots depending on participation and a $30 winner take all sidepot.  Sidepots are specific to the bracket the players are in. To register send in your entry fee to Jaso Osborn via Zelle or PayPal (MUST be Friends & Family) at  For cash payments please reach out to Jack Murray or Rebecca Hendrix at 520-404-5533.

There will be two separate tournaments (brackets) running simultaneously, each with its own winner.  One is for players 499 & Under and the other is for players rated between 500+. Once an established player has played a Tour Stop as a 499 or lower they then have a 10-point cushion if they go above 499.  If they go up to 510 or higher they then will have to play the remaining Tour Stops in the 500+ bracket.  They will retain all points earned. Players rated 499 or lower may choose to play up into the 500+ and they would play as a 500 rated player.

Tour Finale Points:

Players will accrue points for each Tour Stop they play and bonus points for finishing in the cash.  To be eligible for the Tour Finale for your bracket you must be in the top third on the M.O.B. Tour Points List for your bracket. There will be a minimum of 16 players in each Tour Finale.  Tour Points Lists will be posted the week following each M.OB. Tour Stop.

Play will start at 10:00 AM.  Doors open at 9:00 AM. Deadline to register is 9:45 AM

M.O.B. Tour Rules:

Play BCAPL Rules of Play with the exception of no 3-Foul Rule in the 499 & Under bracket.  The 3-Foul Rule will be in play for the 500+ bracket.  Handicapped race to 4 in the 499 & Under bracket with one game spot for each 50-point difference.  Max race is 7-3.  The 500+ bracket is a handicapped race to 5 with a one game spot for each 40-point difference with a max race of 8-4.  Rack your own, alternate break, in 9-ball the 499 & Under bracket racks the 1 0n the spot and the 500+ bracket racks the 9 on spot with the 2 in the back and 9 does not count in bottom 2 pockets on the break. In 9-ball and 10-ball we will be providing M.O.B. AccuRacks for play.  No headphones.

M.O.B. Tour Sponsors:

Thank you to our sponsors for the 2024 M.O.B. Tour.  These companies are adding money to the Tour Finales.  Please show them your appreciation of their support for our pool community.  Click on their logos to get to their websites: