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Mako Qualifier – July 24th at Putters

Sunday -
11 AM
Mako Qualifier - Putters Eastern
MOB Event

Mako Qualifier - Putters Eastern July 24th


With 16+ players entry fee will be $75. Optional Sidepot of $25. Race to 7 on winners, 5 on losers with a one race final to 9. Play starts at 11 AM.

Winner gets a paid entry into the Mako $1,000 641 & Under 10-Ball Championship.  This is not an equitable asset.  If for any reason the winner cannot play the main event or becomes ineligible, they will be refunded the entry fee they paid to enter the qualifier.  The paid entry will then be offered to the next highest finishing, eligible participant of that qualifier at the cost of the refunded entry fee.

Player List

  1. Von Adobo
  2. Jeff Grey
  3. Constantin Alexander
  4. Orlando Gonzaga
  5. Jason Pader
  6. Adrian Vasquez
  7. Jimmy DeSousa
  8. Nino Deguzman
  9. Alex Morin
  10. Joseph Crugnale
  11. Edgar Jackson
  12. Jack Murray
  13. Vicki Carter