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Post-Valentine’s Day Scotch Doubles 9-Ball at Putters Eastern

Saturday -
11:00 AM
Post-Valentine's Day Scotch Doubles 9-Ball
MOB Event

Post-Valentine's Day Scotch Doubles 9-Ball at Putter's Eastern, Las Vegas

February 18-19, M.O.B. Productions presents the Post-Valentine's Day Scotch Doubles 9-Ball at Putters Eastern in Las Vegas NV.

Open to all couples who survive Valentine's Day!  Teams that are not couples are capped at 1100. Matches are handicapped races to 4.  One game spotted for every 50-point difference in the team average (1000 has a team average of 500).  Max race is 7-3.

Entry fee is $120 which includes a $15 Greens fee/TD fee.  Optional $30 & $50 team sidepots as well as a $40 winner take all sidepot.

For the sake of the quality of life for ALL couples there will be NO COACHING ALLOWED!

Winner break, rack your own, 9 racked on spot and 2 racked in back, no 9 on break in bottom two pockets.  No 3-Foul Rule and no headphones.  M.O.B AccuRacks will be provided.

Continuous rotation through the break.  If there is a push out, and the opposing team gives the push out back, the player who pushed out shoots the shot.  If the opposing team accepts the push out, the push out counts for the turn for the player who pushed out and when it is their turn, it will be their partners turn to shoot.

Field limited to the first 32 teams with paid entries.  To register, send your entry fee to Jason Osborn via Zelle or PayPal (MUST be Friends & Family) at  Contact Jason for other electronic means of payment.  For cash payments, reach out to Jack Murray or Rebecca Hendrix at 520-404-5533.

Player List

  1. Rebecca Hendrix/Jack Murray
  2. Tim Harris/Mayu Makino
  3. Zeke/Chris Herrera
  4. Rachel/Ray Lang
  5. Connie/Scott
  6. Laila/Pepperoni
  7. Riley/Drew
  8. Mr. Katy/Scorcher