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Super 8 Series – 575 & Under 8-Ball at Bangin Ballz

Saturday -
10:00 AM
Super 8 Series - 575 & Under at Bangin Ballz in Las Vegas
MOB Event

Super 8 Series - 575 & Under at Bangin Ballz,  Las Vegas

September 16-17th,  at Bangin Ballz in Las Vegas, NV is the first of three tournaments in M.O.B. Productions new Super 8 Series:  The 575 & Under.  Entry fee is $175 including a $20 GF/TD fee with optional sidepots of $35 & $90 with a $50 WTA sidepot.  To reserve your spot, pay a $50 NONREFUNDABLE deposit to Jason Osborn vis Zelle or PayPal (MUST be Friends & Family) at  For cash payments reach out to Jack Murray or Rebecca Hendrix at 520-404-5533.  Entries must be paid in full by noon Tuesday, September 12th, as the Online Player Auction starts at 1:00 PM.

Field limited to the first 64 paid entries.  Play starts at 10:00 AM and the doors open at 9:00 AM.  Players must at least give verbal confirmation as to which sidepots they will be entering before we do the draw Friday, September 15th at 8:00 PM.  Players can pay cash for sidepot entries before their first match Saturday.

Rules of Play

Playing BCA Pool League Rules.  Alternate break.  Rack your own.  Races to 6 on winner's side and races to 5 on loser's side.  Finals is a single race to 8.


Players must be rated at or below 575 at the time of registration.  Players must have 200+ robustness to register.  Once a player has registered they have a 10-point cushion if they go over 575.  If a player is registered and then their rating goes to 586 or higher their deposit will be refunded.  Tournament director has final say on player eligibility.  Rating Eligibility is at Tournament Director's Discretion.  Players MUST have the Sharing feature turned on in the settings of their FargoRate App.


We want to thank the sponsors of M.O.B. Productions events for 2023.  They are helping us grow pool in Las Vegas.  Please show them our appreciation for what they are doing for the benefit of our pool community!






Player List

  1. Steve Bergan
  2. Phife Sundara
  3. Sean Martínez
  4. Arnel Nopal
  5. Richard Ellis
  6. Sabrina Peterson
  7.  Vern Felt
  8. John Casey
  9. Jason Higgins
  10. Derek Stringer
  11. Ronald Vandiver
  12. Phong Nguyen
  13. Mike Chapa
  14. Stacy Augustine
  15. Dante Ramolete
  16. Michael Ramirez
  17. Dan Mendibles
  18. Jimmy Sweeney
  19. Chris Ouimette
  20. Roman Ramirez
  21. Santos Alvarenga
  22. Robert Azevedo
  23. Hector Villarreal
  24. Mike Roach
  25. Lee Harvey