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The Bandit – $1,000 Entry 650 & Under 9 Foot 10-Ball Championship at Griff’s in Las Vegas

Saturday -
10:00 AM
The Bandit - $1,000 Entry 650 & Under 9 Foot 10-Ball Championship at Griff's in Las Vegas
MOB Event

The Bandit $1,000 Entry 650 & Under 9 Foot 10-Ball Championship April 6-7th at Griff’s!

$1,000 entry includes $50 greens fee/TD fee with optional $100 & $300 sidepots and a $200 WTA sidepot. Race to 9 on winners, race to 7 on losers. Winner break. Rack your own. BCAPL Rules of Play with 3-foul rule in effect and no headphones.  Played on 9' Diamond tables at Griff's Billiards in Las Vegas.
Field limited to first 32 paid players. To reserve your spot send in a NON-REDUNDABLE $200 deposit to Jason Osborn via PayPal or Zelle at Or contact Jack Murray for cash payment. Balance due no later than Tuesday, April 2nd at noon Pacific Time.
Online players auction will begin Tuesday at 1:00 PM . Once players auction begins players entries are non-refundable.

Player Eligibility:

Players must be rated 650 or lower as of the date of announcement (12/9/2023) as well as at the time of registration.  Players must also have a minimum robustness of 500+ games. There is a 10-point cushion once a player registers.  If they go over 650 but stay under 661, they are still eligible.  If a player goes up to 661 or higher after registering, their deposit/entry fee will be refunded and they will no longer be eligible. M.O.B. Productions has final say on player eligibility

ALL PLAYERS must have the Sharing feature turned on in the Settings of their FargoRate app to be eligible. This allows everyone to see a players full data history.

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Play will begin at 10:00AM both Saturday & Sunday.

Interested in Running a Qualifier?

If you are interested in running a qualifier for the 2024 Bandit, reach out to Jack Murray at 520-404-5533 (texting is best) or email at

All promotional material for qualifiers must have the following language:

"When a player wins a qualifier to get a paid spot in the Main Event, it is NOT an equitable asset.  If, for any reason, that player cannot attend or becomes ineligible, they will be refunded the entry fee for the qualifier that they paid and the spot will be offered to the next highest finishing, eligible player in that qualifier for the price of the refunded entry fee."

Thank you to our M.O.B. Productions Sponsors:

Thank you to our M.O.B. sponsors.  They are adding money for even bigger payouts for our players!  Please visit them and show your appreciation for how they are helping grow pool!

Player List

  1. Jamison Daniels
  2. Jerry Lazzareschi
  3. Yohendry Abraham
  4. Michael Deitchman
  5. Rakesh Bunga
  6. Dwayne Guillory - MOB Qualifier - Derek Reppenhagen
  7. MOB Qualifier
  8. MOB Qualifier
  9. MOB Qualifier
  10. MOB Qualifier
  11. MOB Qualifiers
  12. MOB Qualifier
  13. Jorge Bermudez
  14. Savannah Easton
  15. Ray Robles
  16. Cuong Dao
  17. Allan Wang
  18. Julian Astudillo
  19. Avinash Pandey
  20. Tony Chau
  21. Nick Hewko
  22. Tara Williams
  23. John Doherty
  24. Justin Turner
  25. Mike Williams
  26. Jeff Whitehead
  27. Mike Hamman
  28. Abe Lim
  29. Jesse Johnson
  30. Paul Tytler
  31. Phil Prentice
  32. Steve Ewaniuk
  33. Ace Brown
  34. Luis Carreon
  35. Anthony Abisado
  36. Michael Matthieu
  37. Bo Belonia
  38.  Ben Sutherland
  39. Jimmy DeSousa
  40. Aaron Watchmaker


  1. Navi Gill
  2. Edgar Jackson
  3. Vica Iuli
  4. Tommy Farrow
  5. Jas Makhani
  6. Oliver Tabares
  7. Sergio Puerto Martin
  8. Rahul Vithani