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2022 WTF $500 Entry 699 & Under 10-Ball Shootout

Saturday -
10:00 AM
The WTF $500 Entry 699 & Under 10-Ball Shootout
MOB Event

Here it is! The first annual 699 & Under WTF 10-Ball Bar Table Challenge!!! July 30-31st at Rum Runner in Las Vegas, NV? Why call it WTF, you ask?
$500 entry (includes $20 GF/TD fee) with optional $100 & $200 sidepots plus a $15 WTA sidepot. Here’s the catch... Double elimination.... losers side is race to 11. Winners side......... Race to 1!!!
How good is your lag???
That’s right! Race to one game on the winners side. Lag for the break. One player will get into the finals by winning 5 games. Seriously! The rest of the field will battle it out through the one-loss side.
Winners side will be played out first thing Saturday starting at 10:00AM. One-loss side matches start as soon as tables are available. Finals are a single race to 13.
ELIGIBILITY: players must be rated 699 or lower as of the announcement date (12/13/2021) as well as at the time of registration. Players must also have 500+ game robustness in FargoRate. Tournament director may also require players to share their match history in the FargoRate app. Tournament director has final say on eligibility.
Field capped at 32 players. Paying too 25%. To reserve your spot, pay a $100 NONREFUNDABLE deposit. Payments can be made via PayPal or Zelle at or, for cash payments, reach out to Jack Murray or Rebecca Hendrix - 520-404-5533.
*** Note: Rum Runner is a gaming bar so players must be 21+ years of age
Play pool. Have fun. M.O.B. on!
Player List
1. Michael Williams
2. Bret Huth
3. Zeb Crawford
4. Walter Glass
5. Ruben Flores
6. Jeff Webb
7. Eric Charlton
8. Tres Kane
9. Chris Adams
10. Joey Barrera
11. Trick Sixty
12. Shawn Baldwin
13. Mike Hutcheson
14. Ronnie Wiseman